Here are some pen repair and restoration tools that I make or supply. Click on an item for more details; there’s a contact form with each item. Please let me know if you have general questions, or if you would like to commission a custom-made tool.

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Parker Vacumatic Filler Seat Reamers

These tools are designed to clean and re-face the tapered seat inside the barrel of a Parker pen that uses the Vacumatic filling system.

Parker “51” Inner Cap Wrench

An inner cap wrench is essential in order to immobilize the inner cap when unscrewing the jewel and clip bushing of a Parker “51”.

Sheaffer Shucker

This tool was designed to break loose the metal liners of Sheaffer pens from the ’40s and ’50s.

The iCroScope

A magnetic lens kit that turns your cell phone into a digital loupe with image capture.

The iCroScope Senior

This comfortable, illuminated magnifier has been my trusty companion at pen shows and antique stores for years. It’s ruggedly constructed and hard to misplace, and it sports a built-in measuring scale.

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