You told me when I showed you my dinged GF ‘51’ cap that you weren’t sure you could make it perfect, but when the pen came home I tried for some time, without success, to find the ding. I know where it was, doggonnit, I even have a photograph of it, and I still can’t find it; it’s just not there anymore. Thank you! You, sir, are magic, and when I find somebody as good as you are, I tend to come back. And to refer all my friends.

Richard Binder

I did not know a pen could look better than mint.  Daniel provided expert advice to a new collector to replate the ball on the clip of a Waterman 12PSF in an unnoticeable fashion. Furthermore, he polished the rest of the nib so that it looks like it just came from the factory.  Finally, and most surprisingly, he burnished the hard rubber and restored the color to the pen.  But he did not just do that, it literally shines and gleams in a manner I thought was not possible.  Even on the top of the cap the finish is such that my content, smiling teeth can be seen in reflection.  Many thanks, Daniel; I am simply astounded and very grateful….You have brought the vintage pen quest to new levels of possibility with your outstanding work.

William Holmes

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