The iCroScope Senior


For years, in addition to carrying my trusty iCroScope, I’d also been using a really comfortable handheld illuminated magnifier at pen shows, and it always draws questions from dealers and other collectors. I am now able to supply these handy devices.

The magnifier is well-constructed of aluminum, with screw joints, not mere press-fit construction, and the lens provides about 8X magnification. The handle contains a pair of AA batteries which power not one but three white LEDs to give bright, even lighting of the subject, which is particularly useful in those dark and dusty antique stores (and at some pen shows!). The lens assembly has an integral graticule at the focus distance, allowing measurement of details in either millimeters or fractions of an inch — a handy feature when sizing up nibs. And because the focus distance is coplanar with the front of the magnifier, you can simply place it flat on a page to measure the stroke width of a writing sample. The head has a rubberized coating, and I can attest to the fact that the whole unit wears extremely well — I’ve had mine for at least a decade and it looks great and works perfectly.

The magnifier comes in a padded, fitted zipper case as shown, and I’ll throw in the batteries — good ones — so you can get started as soon as you receive it.

iCroScope Senior is $30 plus $8 shipping in the US. Please inquire for other destinations or shipping methods. As with the original iCroScope, I do not stock large quantities, so there may be a bit of a wait for one.

Buy Now [US]

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