Here are some examples of the pen restoration work that I’ve done.

Dent reversal:

A Sterling “51” Cap with Serious Issues

This cap apparently drank too much, because it got hammered. I brought it up to a presentable state.

Lined Gold Filled Parker “51” Cap Dent Reversal

A relatively humble cap in the “51” pantheon, and having relatively mild damage, but still deserving of an aesthetic overhaul, I think.

Lined Sterling Parker “51” Cap Restoration

This cap looked like it went 15 rounds with Rocky Marciano. I cleaned it up enough to make it quite presentable.

Lustraloy Parker “51” Cap Restoration

This stainless steel cap had some severe scarring. I took care of that, and applied a period-authentic finish (which, by the way, is not produced by simply spinning the cap against an abrasive surface).

Parker “51” “Empire” Cap Dent Reversal

This once-proud “Empire” Heirloom Parker “51” cap had accumulated a variety of dents and dings. Its new owner wanted to bring it back to its original glory, and I was happy to take on the challenge.

Scalloped Line Parker “51” Cap

This cap was sent in by a pen dealer as a throw-in gift with another job; he thought I could harvest the inner components for my parts stock and toss the shell. I took that as a challenge.

Trim restoration:

Chilton Wingflow Inlay Replacement

A client had a Chilton Wingflow in wonderful condition, except that one of the gold filled inlays had been lost. I fabricated a replacement piece and fitted it.

Other repairs:

Restoration of Damaged Waterman Opera Nib

This Waterman and the floor met when gravity introduced them.