Parker Vacumatic Filler Seat Reamers

These tools are designed to clean and re-face the tapered seat inside the barrel of a Parker pen that uses the Vacumatic filling system. The diaphragm in such a pen is clamped between the seat in the barrel and the tapered bushing that rides on the shaft of the filler unit, and those joints need to be perfect seals, so it is essential that the tapered seat be free of any old diaphragm or cement residue, and that it have a smooth, uninterrupted surface. My seat reamers have hardened, tapered cutting flutes with just the right amount of relief behind the cutting edges to take a very slight shaving with some pressure, allowing both the cleanup of the seat and some re-cutting as needed. The reamers are made in three sizes, which covers all the Vacumatic filler sizes made.

Here are two sets of reamers with two different styles of handles. Each of these sets is presently owned by a prominent pen restorer.


I am not accepting orders for this tool at this time, but that might change in the future.

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