First-Year Parker “51”

This is an India Black Parker “51” Vacumatic filler from either the first or second quarter of 1941, the first year of production for the “51”. It has the distinctive white metal jewels in both cap and barrel (these appear to be aluminum, but it’s possible they are silver) and a correct first-version clip with a restored Blue Diamond. The blind cap is properly imprinted for a first-year pen. The barrel is a replacement, as it is also imprinted and bears a 1945 date code; the barrel and blind cap are not a perfect match, as there is a step down from barrel to blind cap (visible in photo of pen capped), but I’d take that over a pen that has had that joint sanded to the dreaded “Coke bottle” profile. Medium, firm nib. Unrestored except for the Blue Diamond.

$320 plus shipping SOLD.

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