Reversing Damage to Waterman Flex Nib

I don’t do much nib work. There are several reasons for this, but I’d say the slow pace at which I work limits the number of nib jobs I can do at a reasonable cost. I just can’t speed through restoration tasks; I’m not comfortable working against the clock on projects for which patience and contemplation are important ingredients, and I also like to take my time when creating something – and I consider re-creating the original state of a nib (or cap, or whole pen) to be forms of creation.

This nib is my own, purchased in a decrepit Waterman black hard rubber 52. I saw potential in the nib, and I also was interested in the challenge of trying to resuscitate what looked like a sensitive nib that had been mortally wounded.

Though I have repaired far fewer nibs than metal caps, my skills with reversing deformed metal do give me a good base for many aspects of nib work. I have a feeling for the way metal responds to various manipulations, and just as with reversing cap dents, there are actually many distinct metalworking techniques that can be used to fix mangled nibs.

Ready to get Zanerian!
Ready to get Zanerian!

3 thoughts on “Reversing Damage to Waterman Flex Nib

  1. GREAT job on this nib! I have often wondered when I see jobs like this; Did you recoat this nib with a Gold treatment??


    1. Hi Mike –

      Thank you for your kind words. In answer to your question, there was no coating of any sort applied to the nib.



      1. My Goodness! That just reinforces to me what a true professional you are to this Pen Repair Profession! I can only hope that my pen repairing techniques progress along the same lines that yours have related to nib repairs as yours are outstanding in my opinion!



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