Marker-Ingram Zest Filler

Today I’m offering an unusual pen. The Marker-Ingram was made for only a few hours at the beginning of April, 1911, and it employed a filling system that was doomed from the start. The so-called “centrifugal loader” required wedging the pen’s section into the mouth of a special ink bottle, and this assemblage was then fitted into a sling-like apparatus with a long leather strap the end of which the user grasped. Then, with a rodeo-cowboy-like action, the user spun this arrangement either overhead or away from the body, whereby the forces of nature would compel the ink to flow into the pen, and, quite likely, to create a projectile of untold lethality and considerable messiness.

SOLD $90, unrestored. Insurance not included. Liability insurance, that is.


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